Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spoiled Haul

Hi there!

Spoiled polishes have been available for about a month now- but I just got my hands on some of them...

Spoiled - Shuffle the Deck, Jewelry Heist, Trust Fund Baby,
Pet My Peacock, Show Me the Money, Cougar Attack,
Ants In My Pants, and I Gotta Confection To Make.

Spoiled - I Only Eat Salads, Permission To Proceed, The Parking
Meteor Expired, Bite Me, Are Mermaids Real?, I Don't Drink Cheap Wine,
Shrimp On The Barbie, Let's Get Sushi, and Don't Be Cheesy.

Spoiled is a brand by Wet n Wild, and as far as I know it's exclusive to CVS. I got all of these at CVS online. They retail for $1.99 a bottle, but I had a coupon code for 25% off (it's since expired). Shipping for me was a very reasonable $5.49.

Here's a look at one of the Spoiled brushes in comparison to some of the others from my collection...

Nail polish brushes. Across the top: Spoiled, OPI, and Nicole by OPI.
Across the bottom: Essie, China Glaze, and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength.

I don't care for the brushes on these. They're coarse, and the angled corner that's meant to help with precision... doesn't :-/ The color selection, however, is very nice. There are 72 shades to choose from!

Which polish would you like to see first?

Until next time...


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh i see all these pretties and u leave me hanging... i dont know if i like the angular brush thats weird... as for colors... hmm gotta confection to make... &&& i dont drink cheap wine && shrimp on the barbie hehhe love the names!!!

  2. Pet My Peacock and Show Me The Money!!!! Please!

  3. Now I remember seeing these at a CVS. I didn't see any colors I had to have at the time, but I remember that green and I think it's calling my name! I love cheap polish :) Thank you! Great post!

  4. Jewelry Heist! or just closer pictures of the glitters :)

  5. Holy Haul!! I just bought Shuffle The Deck, but haven't used it yet. That was the only one that really stood out to me, although, I am sure I will end up with more! lol.

  6. I really love Tip Your Waitress and Jewelry Heist. I have Jewelry Heist on over Below Deck right now and it's really pretty!


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