Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation Haul

Hi there!

I kind of hit the nail polish jackpot while I was away! I think I might need to leave more often :-)

All from OPI, left to right: Paint My Moji-Toes Red,
Hot & Spicy, and La Paz-itively Hot.

All from OPI, left to right: Natural Nail Base Coat, Expert Touch
Lacquer Remover, Top Coat, Coconut Melon Avojuice.

3 sets of OPI Nice Stems Minis: Play the Peonies, Come to Poppy,
Be a Dahl-ia Won't You?, and I Lily Love You.

All from OPI, left to right: Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, Yoga-ta Get
this Blue!, Eiffel For This Color, and Bling Dynasty.

All from OPI, left to right: DS Original, I Juggle... Men, and
Paris Couture for Sure Glitter Top Coat.

All from OPI, left to right: Conquistadorable Color, No Spain
No Gain, Sparrow Me the Drama, and Done Out In Deco.

All from Orly, left to right: Two-Hour Lunch, Lola,
Mandalay Ruby, Samba, and Plum Noir.

All from Zoya, left to right: Charisma, Burke, Shivon, and
a mini Shay.

All from China Glaze, left to right: Laser Lime, Techno Teal,
Skyscraper, 2Nite, and LOL.

Now, I've got to decide which one I want to play with first! Decisions, decisions! Do you have any suggestions? I'll post some vacation pictures shortly!

Until next time...


  1. AMAZING haul! Where did you go again? lol

  2. Blue holos? Nope, I wouldn't like to see those. LOL. ;) I am also coveting I Lily Love You so that would be neat to see. Congrats on your polish jackpot! *muah*

  3. Super Amazing Nail Polish Haul . And I definably missed you ...LOL :)


    George :)

  4. dddddddddang u got so many! can u start with DS original?! :D

  5. Please start with the holos! :D

  6. awesome haul! i love those little gift sets, we can't get those here! we do get single OPI's but they are £11 a bottle which is about 18/20 dollars!

    shel xx


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