Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Anniversary

Hi there!

This weekend has been absolutely amazing! Between the company, the weather, and the views... I couldn't have hoped for more! Here are a few pictures from today...

My hunny poo's foot, my puppy's foot print, and my foot.
My toenails are painted with Color Club - Warhol.

This is right outside our condo...

Down the beach a few miles...

The sunset from our balcony...

A little lighthouse seen from our balcony...

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I enjoyed mine!

Until next time...


  1. Looks like a fantastic place to be :) Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. Wow those views look amazing~~ whatta sunset, such nice relaxing times :D Hope you enjoy the rest of your time!

  3. The sunset is beautiful!! Thats great you had such a fantastic weekend!(:

    The sunset would be great turned into a mani!:D

  4. What a great view ... love your feet prints pic!!! happy anniversary!!! ox

  5. It didn't really register at first that both feet weren't yours and I was like, "How is that other one so... big?" Blonde moment. I blame the heat.

    Anyway, I saw your mani in the 4th of July mani contest on Color Club's fb page and I LOVED it (so clean and perfect... way more my style than most on there) so I figured I needed to start following your blog. Can't waitto see more of your work!

  6. Awww, thanks everyone :) We had a blast. It was a nice getaway and just what we needed!

    @ tahillia, that made me literally laugh outloud! I'm glad you liked my mani! I love doing designs that I feel like anybody could achieve. Thanks for following me! :)

  7. Pretty! I love the foot picture hehe so cute!

    So where are we going on our Anniversary wifey?

  8. I think we should go to Grand Cayman. That's one of the places hunny poo and I went on our honeymoon and I LOVED it!!!! I think you'd have a blast :D

  9. i love the pic of the feet :) i would never have thought of that

    shel xx


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