Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pretty, Pretty Holos

Hi there!

I highly credit retail therapy for helping me get through the past couple of weeks. 5 of the new polishes I ordered arrived in today's mail.

My nails painted with holographic Color Club polishes. From thumb
to pinky, they are: Worth the Risque, Revvvolution, Wild at Heart,
Fashion Addict, and Love 'Em/Leave 'Em.
These are the first Color Club polishes I've owned. They all apply beautifully and the formula seems flawless. I was unsure about whether or not Worth the Risque was holographic, so I ordered it to find out for myself since pictures of it vary so widely. It's the least holographic of the bunch. In some lighting, I see flashes of gold, pink, and green. So it is holographic, but it's a baby holographic.

The rest of the colors are definitely holographic. They're gorgeous and I love them!

Next on my holographic shopping list is Nfu Oh - 61. I'm determined to own it!

What's your favorite holographic nail polish and/or one you're dying to own?

Until next time...


  1. I'm sad I missed the holo version of My Private Jet, but am lucky to lots of other pretties to console myself with. I think my favorite is DS Original.

  2. Oh, I completely agree! I bought the newer version of My Private Jet and it's pretty, but just nowhere near the fantastic-ness of the old one. DS Original is gorgeous! ... But I can't find it anywhere but on ebay for ridiculous prices :-/

  3. I just NEED Wild At Heart. Wondering why I haven't ordered this online before? Haha :)

  4. Lois, you're right. You do NEED it! The picture doesn't even show it in its wonderful-ness! It looks a million times better in person, if that's possible :)


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