Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guess My Name

Hi there!

It's been raining here all week and my backyard is an absolute muddy mess. We haven't landscaped it yet and we're just waiting on the rain to subside so we can get on with it. I decided to embrace the color...

I'm wearing 5 different polishes. What? Yes! Can you guess what they are?

Here's a picture with the flash so you can see the undertones...

There are 2 coats of polish on each finger.

I'll post the colors tomorrow :-)

Happy guessing!

Until next time...

1 comment:

  1. Well to me two of the colors looks like H&M Dust and Diamonds and Gosh Chocolate, but as far as I know you don't own any polishes from these brands.. haha.. So I'm lost..


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