Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday Redo ... And a Question

Hi there!

Today was amazing and just what I needed. Since I was sick on my birthday, we made plans to celebrate it today instead. I ended up sleeping until noon :-D

I got some pretty, pretties in today's mail... but since it's dark outside right now and the lighting in my house is poor, I'll wait until tomorrow to take and post a picture.

We went and watched some UFC fights at a friend's house. I'm not extremely into fighting, but it was fun being around friendly people. Some of the fights were quite interesting. One guy was knocked out in only 90 seconds after getting his nose broken. Another guy got a gigantic hematoma on his forehead... AND he was kicked in his jewels twice :-/ I was surprised he didn't win.

Tomorrow will be part 2 of my birthday celebration. Since we didn't go out to dinner tonight, we'll do that. And then I think we're going to browse the clearance section of a beauty supply store. I've never been there (it's a few towns away), so I'm not even sure they have nail polish... the store close to me doesn't :*(

I don't have a new polish picture for you today... I'm still wearing the same manicure. It badly needs to be taken off because the tips are showing major wear, but I'm going to try and make it last through tomorrow night... *fingers crossed*

I hope this weekend is treating you well!

Ooo! I have a question... how do you organize your nail polishes? My hunny poo built me a nail polish rack and it should be installed tomorrow, so I'm wondering if I should organize my polishes by color or by brand...

Until next time...


  1. I hope part 2 of your birthday is going to be great :)

    I store my polishes by color! For me it's the easiest as I'm never looking for a particular brand, but a paticular color.. :)

  2. ooh i cant wait to see your new storage :)

    shel xx

  3. i also have nail polish racks and i have then by brand in color. like i have my china glazes start at pink and go to dark colors. and then once i start a new brand i start at pink and go to dark colors. :D
    hope that helps!


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