Monday, April 11, 2011

How To: Make Your Own Nail Polish Labels

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What do you do when you come across a polish without a name label? Don't dismiss it.

How to make your own nail polish labels.

All you need are a few household items: scissors, a pen, and blank return address labels. I also chose a polish with a cap that fit into the outline of the bottom of the no-name label polishes to trace around. You can eyeball the shape if you want to.

How to make your own nail polish labels.

Once the circles were drawn, I wrote the names of the polishes on the address labels, cut them out, and then stuck them on the polishes to which they now belonged.

How to make your own nail polish labels.

I hope some of you are able to use this idea. If you don't have blank return address labels, a permanent marker will also work. That's what I used before I bought the stickers. You can also use blank paper and tape or glue.

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