Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Patriotic Week - Day 2

Hi there!

I'm not too excited about how this one turned out...

My nails painted with China Glaze - First Mate and Hey Sailor.
Topped with China Glaze - Lightning Bolt Crackle.
Patriotic 4th of July manicure.

Before I get into the overall look, I must say that First Mate and Hey Sailor were both awesome to work with. I painted only 1 coat of each, and they were perfectly opaque.

I'm uncertain if it's just a bad picture or if this manicure really does look bad. A possible first mistake: I must not have let the red polish fully dry, because it seems to have mixed with the white and made a light pink crackle... though, that may be the result of this mistake: I took the picture outside under direct sunlight and my fingers look like they're glowing.

I suppose it isn't terrible. After all, I'm just playing around with ideas for what I want to wear next week :-)

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Until next time...


  1. Hmm it does appear a little pinky, but I think it may be because of the colour, on the blue nails the area near the white appears lighter blue. It is a nice look though and I love the base colours, so nautical :D

  2. I never had super good results with the CG white crackle...it always looks kind of stringy to me! It doesn't look too bad, though--cute idea! <3

  3. I think it looks fine! And how easy!

  4. Fun idea! I have Sally Hansen's white crackle and I just might give this a try. :)

  5. This is pretty much exactly what I did but my crackle messed up (I didn't wait for my polish to dry all the way... I'm too impatient) so I just took the whole thing off and started over. At that point it was so late that I wore the blue OPI from the Miss Universe collection with Ruby Pumps as an accent nail. Meh.


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