Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sinful Colors - Feeling Great

Hi there!

Today, I'm wearing Sinful Colors' Feeling Great...

My nails painted with Sinful Colors - Feeling Great.

I'm pleased with this polish. It applied very easily and I only needed to paint 2 coats to make it opaque. However, there is an itty bit of visible nail line that I notice where the free edge of my nail is longer than my finger. I don't think anyone who wasn't looking out for it would notice this from afar... or up close, for that matter.

How do you like the super ouchy hangnail mark on my thumb? Do you have any suggestions for making them feel better and/or less noticeable?

Until next time...


  1. I have this color and I love it! Its so pretty.
    Sorry about the hangnail! Those always hurt! I just end up ripping it off, then it bleeds... so I guess thats not a good way to make it feel better! hahaa :)

  2. such a pretty color. I haven't seen it here. :( and a big fan of Sinful Colors pinks!

  3. Less noticeable? I retouch the owie bit in my photo editing software. I use Picasa from google to crop and watermark my photos and it's got an easy retouch function where I can just blend it out! I think that's a bit like cheating, but it's just the cuticle! Lol

  4. That's in my blog world of course! I never have a hangnail there! As far as real life.... Sorry but I don't have any tips :(


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