Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nfu Oh - 61 Totally Chips and Peels!

Hi there!

Nfu Oh - 61 has been on my nails for less than 24 hours and this is what it has already turned into...

Nfu Oh - 61 totally chips and peels!

About an hour after painting my nails, I had already noticed tip wear. I wasn't doing anything harsh... unless you consider typing up a quick blog post and maybe using the remote control to turn down the TV volume harsh. I decided to leave it be, because I figured I could do a couple of touch ups before stamping over it this morning.

Anyhow... I did the touch ups, stamped my nails, typed up a new blog post, visited with my brother in-law (nothing at all to do with my hands, but maybe he hexed me ;-p), and put my hair up in a clip. That's all I did in a span of 2 hours before I noticed major chipping and peeling. I got frustrated and peeled most of it off. As you can tell, they weren't just little, manageable pieces of polish that were peeling.

I did wrap my tips with Seche Vite, though it was ultimately a waste. I've read that it's important to use the Nfu Oh Aqua Base as well as the Nfu Oh Top Coat with their holographic polishes. Admittedly, I used neither. Perhaps my manicure would have lasted longer had I used at least one of the two. I may or may not decide to invest in them... so for now, I suppose I'll settle with this being a special occasion quickie polish.

Until next time...


  1. oh no! thats weird that it would peel like that... maybe if your hands were in a lot of water but otherwise thats crazy!

  2. The aqua base def helps, however my experience with holo polishes is that they only last for a day or 2.

  3. I agree... .Holo polishes in generally don't last very long, kind of like matte's. I did use a top coat over the whole nail when I used #63, and to be honest it didn't affect the holo-ness that much... I got a good 2 days out of it without any crazy chipping. I also used it on st patty's day for a "sticker mani", and I had Zoya Ivanka under it... It seemed to last pretty long. That may be something you want to try... Layering it over a completely dry neutral polish. :)

  4. I'll for sure try layering it before I fork out the money on their Aqua Base! Thanks for the tip!

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