Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Made a Mess

Hi there!

This past weekend, I had an issue with one of my new Bundle Monster plates. The image I wanted to use just would not transfer to the stamper and/or my nail. So, I emailed customer service and asked them to send me a new plate. I heard back from them today and they suggested I test the other plates in my set to see if any others were faulty.

Hmmm, sounds like fun!

Bundle Monster mess.

I'm so glad I tested the others! Well, I only tested BM-201 through BM-216... but 12 of the 16 plates had something wrong with them :-/

It was turning into a huge mess and I was wasting a lot of polish, cotton balls, and q-tips. I figured since 75% of the tested plates were faulty, the percentage wouldn't vary too much with the rest of the set. So, I stopped.

Bundle Monster tests.

I stamped a lot of the images onto this paper. The images with with arrows next to them are the ones I had a problem with. Some plates were visibly defective (parts of the image weren't etched into the plate), while others just wouldn't transfer the image and/or were foggy when stamped. The 3 stars I drew on the page represent the 3 image plates I think are okay, while I'm unsure of BM-214.

If you've got the new Bundle Monster set and have experienced any problems with the plates/images, I suggest you test at least one image from each plate. Also, look closely at each image- some of the defects are clearly visible. Email customer service and explain the situation (unless, of course, you're okay with keeping defective plates). They seem very nice and easy to work with. I'll keep you posted!

Until next time...


  1. I have the same problems with mine.
    I haven't been able to use them, and since my ex bought them for me a while ago on amazon, I can't return them. I don't talk to him anymore and he probably wont remember where he got them from.

    The image wont transfer to the stamping tool. Any idea if that can be fixed? It's so frustrating.

  2. Ooo, that sucks! I think it's worth emailing them through their Amazon page and say you've had troubles with certain plates. Based on their email to me, I didn't get the feeling that I'll have to return the defective ones... so maybe they'll send you replacements at their cost.

    The only thing I can think of why the image won't transfer to the stamper is because the etching isn't deep enough. If you have the patience, you might try using a needle or something sharp to scrape it out. But that just makes me think of nails on a chalkboard :-/

    Good luck!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of work to go through. Hope they resolve it for you quickly!

  4. thats a shame that you are having issues with so many of them :( are they going to replace the set for you?

    shel xx

  5. Yeah, they said they'd send out a new set for me. And within my new package will be a prepaid envelope to send my old set back. So it's nice that there's no extra cost to me :-) They really do seem like they have great customer service!


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