Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm a Good Guesser

Hi there!

My hunny poo and I are complete goofballs. We constantly make funny noises at each other, take dorky pictures, and make the most random and pointless bets. Recently, he bet me that he knew who would win the NBA Playoffs. I really don't think I know much about sports... I don't follow them at all. In fact, the only time I care about them is when he and I are in some type of competition.

We set the rules: write down which team we each thought would win, along with the score- just in case we chose the same team. The winner would be whoever chose the correct team and guessed the closest score. The prize: he was itching to go lose money at the casino. I really didn't want anything- I just like knowing I won :-) But he suggested nail polish. Pshhh... don't have to twist my arm on that one!

Well, I'm sure you know by now- I won :-D I guessed that the Miami Heat would win, while he guessed that the Boston Celtics would win. My sole reason for choosing the Miami Heat was that I've been to Miami.

What I got...

All from Color Club, left to right: Tangerine Scream, Warhol,
Ultra Violet, Pure Energy, and What a Shock! 

All from China Glaze, left to right: Raspberry Festival, Cherry Pie,
Orange Marmalade, Breakin', and Papaya Punch.

All from China Glaze, left to right: Seduce Me, Emotion,
Harmony, Señorita Bonita, and Blue Sparrow.

Can you tell I'm excited for summer?

Until next time...


  1. Your Husband Has Good Taste.. CEELLTICS!
    Im a Huge Celtics Fan && When The Heat Took Em Out. Lets Just Say i Almost Got a Heart Attack. LOL

  2. Lol! Well I'm glad to see you're still alive and kicking ;p

  3. Haha this is awesome! I love your reason for choosing Miami Heat.. And that you hubby, with knowledge about it and all, did a qualified guess and lost! Way to go! :) And Awesome polishes! And A LOT of polishes :p

  4. This past football season, I guessed who would win based on their mascots! Haha... I think he ended up with 59% correct and I had 78% correct out of 250-somethin' games. Too bad we didn't wager on those ;p ... But I got bragging rights :D

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  6. OHH! LOL! You and your partner are soo cute! I only wish that I could find someone to have this much fun with like you two, lol!

    I really love your "reason" for pick your team, hahaha!

  7. haha good competition lol ! and great polish prizes hehe

    shel xx


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