Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pregnancy: Gender Announcement

Hi there!

I had some fun with this one...

Pregnancy gender announcement.
All from OPI: D.C. Cherry Blossom, Shorts Story,
Senorita Rosalita, Pink Flamenco, Strawberry Fields,
Elephantastic Pink, La Paz-itively Hot, and (of course) It's A Girl!

... it's the photo I used on my Facebook page to let my family and friends know the gender of the bitty baby buttercup growing in my belly.

I was afraid it would fall on deaf ears... or blind eyes, I guess, since most in my community aren't so polish-savvy. BUT THEY GOT IT! Well... either they were really happy that I posted a bunch of pink nail polish or they were really happy from the message they gathered.

Now I'm curious. What are some ways you have announced (or want to announce) gender to your family and friends?

If you're interested in a baby themed nail polish list, click here. It's a list I compiled a few years ago, so it's likely a smidge outdated. I'll gladly add to the list if you have suggestions!

Until next time...

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