Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saved By The Blue Versus Frostbite

Hi there!

I figured it might be a good idea to compare these 2 polishes since I plan on using at least 1 of them for my upcoming Patriotic Week...

My nails painted with Wet n Wild - Saved By The Blue
and China Glaze - Frostbite.
Saved By The Blue is painted on my index and ring finger.
Frostbite is painted on my middle and pinky finger.

I painted 2 coats of each polish to achieve what's pictured. I think these have to be the same exact polish- just bottled differently! The formulas were the same... they applied nicely, and they both reek of road-killed skunk :-/ The only difference I noticed was the brush. Frostbite applied more smoothly because its brush was smoother. Saved By The Blue's brush was a bit coarse.

Until next time...


  1. Interesting...I'll have to remember that if I decide I need to own that shade of blue!

  2. Are you reading my mind? I've been avoiding buying SBtB until I saw it compared to Frostbite, and now I know for sure they're dupes! Thanks for the comparison :)


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