Friday, May 18, 2012

Neon Purples

Hi there!

These are the neon purples I have...

Sinful Colors - Dream On, Color Club - Mrs. Robinson,
Julep - Helena, and Zoya - Charisma.

My nails painted with Sinful Colors - Dream On,
Color Club - Mrs. Robinson, Julep - Helena, and Zoya - Charisma. 

Each nail is painted with a base of white and 2 coats of purple.

In order from my favorite to my least favorite:

1. Color Club - Mrs. Robinson (middle finger)... This is my favorite of the bunch because it had the easiest application and it dried the glossiest.

2. Julep - Helena (ring finger)... This also dries glossy, but it has more of a red/pink undertone than the others it was compared with.

3. Zoya - Charisma (pinky finger)... The application was easy, but it dries matte.

4. Sinful Colors - Dream On (index finger)... This is last because the first coat was somewhat patchy. It also dries matte.

I hope this helps!

Until next time...


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