Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Awesome Deal Alert

Hi there!

There's a deal on facebook where you type in why you love your mother, and then you receive a $20 voucher to bloom.com

1. Sign up for a bloom.com account here
2. Enter the facebook giveaway here
3. Scroll down a smidge and type in why you love your mother
4. Click Share
5. It will say "Thank you for your submission" and to click on a link. Do that.
6. Allow to sign in with facebook and accept the application.
7. Scroll down and click the green button that says "Claim Coupon"
8. Choose your products on bloom.com

I know this promotion is good for the first 4,000 people- so it might not last long. If you get in on it, let me know which products you choose... I chose the OPI Spiderman Mini Collection and OPI's Shatter the Scales :-)

** This offer seems to only work from laptop or desktop computers; not cell phones.

Until next time...


  1. I received the coupon and got ALL the way to placing my order and for some reason it keeps saying (I've now tried three times) there was an error and to either contact them or try again later whenever I try to pay. :( Did you get/use the coupon?

  2. Very strange :-/ ... I did use the coupon- it took a while to process my order, as I imagine the site was very busy. If you were given the coupon code, I recommend saving it until tomorrow afternoon... or at least until you know the promotion has ended.

  3. Yeah, it was taking forever for me, too. I'll let it die down a bit and try again before freaking out, hahaha. Thanks again!

  4. Your "click here" link takes me to a page not found error message. :( looks like I missed it maybe!

  5. I got mine! chose the three Zoya pink cremes I didn't order during the promo! Lara, Shelbie, and Reagan! Paid $9.94 as it oddly took $20.01 off my order. lol! Thanks for the info!

  6. Awesome!!! Thanks for the info!

    I cheated and did it twice...with my info and with my boyfriends info >:-)

    I got the Zoya surf collection, they will be my first Zoya polishes!

  7. Very exciting, Amanda and Kimberly! ... I hope anyone else who tried was able to get some goodies!


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