Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Patriotic Week - Day 6

Hi there!

I should have done this manicure yesterday for Ugly Manicure Monday...

Patriotic 4th of July nail foil manicure. 

Blech! These are a generic brand of foils that I found on eBay for about $0.25, so at least I'm not out much money :-) I followed the directions of the package, but these foils just weren't meant for my nails. I think they'd work great for someone with large nail beds... and I mean large- not just larger than my own. I read before that it's best to start with the smallest finger first, so I started with my pinky. I've got to admit... I gave up on this manicure after my ring finger, so I didn't trim the middle or index finger's foils. And I didn't bother with more than 4 fingers. I knew that once I photographed it, it would all be removed. On the plus side, they were easy to remove!

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Until next time...

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