Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Decent Deal Alert

Hi there!

I've taken part in a few deals from Plum District in the past where I've been able to purchase a mixture of 5 bottles of OPI and Zoya for just $14! There is another deal going on right now... it isn't for OPI or Zoya- but for the brand Sheswai (or any other product on Beauty Sage)... they retail for $16 each.

The deal today isn't as amazing, but it's $22.50 (add $7.95 for shipping) for $50 worth of product.

1. Sign up here: https://www.plumdistrict.com/?ref=uf885a704bfc

2. Once you've signed up, search for "Everywhere" deals. There will be a bloom.com deal that says it costs $30 for $50 worth of product at Beauty Sage. Click on it, and then click "Make it Mine."

3. Apply the promotion code FLASH31 toward your purchase. 

4. In a new browser, browse beautysage.com

5. Add $50 worth of product to your cart.

6. Use the voucher code that Plum District gave you in the promotion code section on beautysage.com at checkout. You can find this code by clicking on "My Account" and choosing "Purchased Offers."

And that'll be it :-)

I'd love to know if you use this deal... what products did you choose? I chose 3 bottles of nail polish- Badass, Stoked, and Sugarkiss.

Until next time...

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