Friday, February 17, 2012

Wedding Themed Nail Polish List

Hi there!

I had fun making the list of baby themed nail polish, so I figured I'd make a list for weddings, too :-)

These are a few of the wedding themed polishes I own...

Essie - First Dance, Wife Goes On, Blushing Bride, and Show Me The Ring.
OPI - Happy Anniversary! Sally Hansen - Something Blue,
Wedding Crasher, and Save the Date.
Wedding Themed Nail Polish.

There are a lot of wedding related polishes, and these are just the ones that jumped out at me...

China Glaze
Always A Bridesmaid
Ball 'n Chain
Diva Bride
First Kiss
Flower Girl
Garter Belt
Left at the Altar
Marry A Millionaire
Mr & Mrs
Pop the Question
Runaway Bride
Tie the Knot
Trophy Wife

Color Club
Everlasting Love
Something New

Bachelorette Bash
Blushing Bride
Borrowed & Blue
First Dance
Flower Girl
Happily Ever After
Made to Honor
No Pre-Nup
Show Me the Ring
Sole Mate
Starter Wife
Tie the Knot
True Love
Walk Down the Aisle
Wife Goes On

Catch the Garter
Chapel of Love
First Dance
Happy Anniversary!
Hopelessly In Love
I'm Yours!
Isn't It Romantic
Kiss the Bride
Mimosas For Mr & Mrs
Otherwise Engaged
Our Song

Catch the Bouquet
Cut the Cake
First Kiss
Goin' to the Chapel
Kiss the Bride
Happily Ever After
Lift the Veil
Prince Charming
Soul Mate
Tie the Knot
To Have & To Hold
Toast the Couple

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
Aisle Be There
Bride to Be
Champagne Toast
Save the Date
Something Blue
Something New
Together Forever
Tyin' the Knot!
Wedding Crasher

Sephora by OPI
Leaf Him at the Altar

If you're planning a wedding, it'd be so much fun to give some of these polishes to the people in the wedding party. Think about Made to Honor for your Maid of Honor... or Flower Girl for your flower girl. Depending on the humor of your bridesmaids, Always A Bridesmaid might be fun to give them.

If you like tradition, but don't want to literally wear something "old, new, borrowed, and blue," you might think about wearing Borrowed & Blue, Something Blue, or Something New on your nails.

You could also give Save the Date along with your save the dates. Though, I imagine you might want to limit doing this to just a few people (maybe the bridal party)- as it won't be cheap.

If you know of any other wedding themed nail polishes, please let me know and I'll add them to the list!

Until next time...


  1. Very cool post!

    I actually have tried to think of some polish-related gift to my bridal party (or polish/cosmetics combined), and I will definitely peruse the colors on this list to see if there's any that I think they would like!

    I can think of a few barielle's off-hand like Jess' Champagne Toast and A Boquet for Ava , but I guess those might not necessarily be "wedding" polishes.

    Again, very cool list! nice job!

  2. I love when you do these posts too (: This one is so cute and full of god polishes. I like you added "if they have a sense a humor" lol I forget how sensitive people are about that stuff :p

  3. I love your these kind of posts. :)

  4. There is also OPI Kiss the Bride and OPI Otherwise Engaged. So happy I came across this list! All my friends are getting married/engaged right now. Perfect party gifts.

    1. Thank you so much! I just added them to the list :)


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