Monday, February 20, 2012

Ugly Manicure Monday - 06

Hi there!

This ugly manicure comes courtesy of Jamie at Nails Adored...

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Pat On The Black
and Hits - Fox Trot.

Jamie told me that, despite its name, Pat On The Black is a deep plum color and Fox Trot is a purple base with flakies. She thought her manicure would be a nice purple base with a great flakie effect. However, it ended up looking brown.

Thanks, Jamie!

While I don't necessarily think her manicure is ugly, I do understand that feeling of disappointment when you realize the manicure isn't turning out as you'd hoped it would.

If you have an ugly manicure, I'd love to feature it! Email me with what polish you used and what you intended your manicure to look like :-)

Until next time...


  1. I dont think this is ugly, I like the flakies!

  2. I quite like unique looks...which sometimes people may think ugly.At least they grab attention and that is what matters ;)mineral foundation

  3. Thanks for posting! ;)

    And yeah- if I had been going for a brown flakie look, this wouldn't have been so bad. However I was totally expecting a pretty purple flakie combo and this was about as far form it as you could get! lol

  4. I agree it's not necessarily Ugly but I;d think it was ugly too if I was expecting purple and got brown!

  5. I don't think it's ugly, I like flakies. :D

  6. oooo, I'm getting into brown polishes lately!

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