Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BadAss Polish - Chocolate Covered Cherry

Hi there!

I've only recently found myself enjoying glitter polishes, and this one surely made me confident in my decision to start giving them more of a chance...

My  nails painted with BadAss Polish - Chocolate Covered Cherry.

I painted 3 coats and added a coat of Seche Vite to achieve what's pictured. Chocolate Covered Cherry is a finely milled mix of bronze and pink holographic glitter in a clear base.

My  nails painted with BadAss Polish - Chocolate Covered Cherry.

Chocolate Covered Cherry is buildable, but, of course, it can be worn layered over another polish...

My  nails painted with BadAss Polish - Chocolate Covered Cherry.

I painted 1 coat of Annette before layering 1 coat of Chocolate Covered Cherry over the top. I didn't use a top coat in this picture.

If you choose to wear Chocolate Covered Cherry as I did in my first 2 pictures, I recommend not wearing a base color (unless it's a darker base that matches the glitter). The picture of it layered over a base color was actually my first time wearing Chocolate Covered Cherry. After seeing what it looked like with 1 coat, I wanted to see how it would look full coverage. I found that it was kind of difficult to get the glitter to cover all of my base color- especially close to my cuticles. I removed it all and tried a second manicure without a base color, and I think it turned out beautifully.

Is Chocolate Covered Cherry something you would wear? Would you wear it by itself, or layered over another polish?

Chocolate Covered Cherry, along with many other great glitter polishes, can be found on Etsy. If you'd like to follow BadAss Polish on facebook, click here.

Until next time...

(Chocolate Covered Cherry was kindly provided by BadAss Polish for me to play with)

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  1. Glitter polishes are gorgeous! Just annoying to take off lol but this one seems like a shade I'd like to give a try. I think it looks pretty nice on its own


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