Sunday, December 9, 2012

13 Days Later

Hi there!

I've been a super busy bee, and I haven't paid too much attention to my hands over the past couple of weeks. In fact, I've only just removed my manicure from 13 days ago...

My nails painted with Color Club - Angel Kiss.

Above is what my manicure looked like when I first painted it.

I thought that since I wore Angel Kiss for so long, it might be nice to show how it wears...

My nails painted with Color Club - Angel Kiss.

I wore this manicure for 13 days. I didn't use a base coat or a top coat, and I didn't paint any touch-ups throughout the weeks. It wore pretty nicely if you ask me :-) I didn't even notice tip wear when I re-shaped my nails around day 10.

Now... it's time to go dress my nails! What polish are you wearing today?

Until next time...


  1. It looks amazing! Definitely worth the price tag. I like that it's an unusual colour for a holo too.

    I have some nail art on at the moment so there's about 10 different nail polishes on my nails :P

  2. Amazing! I can't wait to get mine in the mail!!!! :)

  3. WOW! Seriously Impressive! I don't have any and was thinking of skipping them but now I am convinced I need a few!!

  4. 13 days!! Wow! My manicures never last more than 5 days.

  5. 13 days is amazing! I have not had that kind of wear from any of the 6 shades in this collection - I got maybe 3-4 days max. I have had my mani last a good 8 days when I have been using the new OPI Gold flake topper - Man With A Golden Gun - I need to fix the base shade in the tips with a new wrap under for tip wear but then I just dab a little of MWGG over that and it seems to last really well on me no matter what base color I have used.


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