Monday, August 13, 2012

Ugly Manicure Monday - 21

Hi there!

This ugly manicure comes courtesy of Dana...

OPI - Kreme De La Kremlin and SoFlaJo - Champagne Cocktail.

Dana took part in a random manicure challenge, where the participants randomly chose polishes for their manicures... she closed her eyes and grabbed them. While she loves each polish individually, she knew right away that they wouldn't play nicely together. Dana said her manicure might have looked better had she kept Champagne Cocktail by itself on her accent finger instead of layering it. She also said that she likes the idea of Champagne Cocktail layered over a darker, cooler-toned polish... like purple or black.

Thanks, Dana!

This is one of the first manicures I've seen where my first response was actually saying "EWW" aloud! I definitely agree that Champagne Cocktail would look better over a darker, cooler polish!

If you have an ugly manicure, I'd love to feature it! Email me with what polish you used and what you intended your manicure to look like :-)

Until next time...

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