Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Travel Manicure Case

Hi there!

This is the case I take with me when I go on road trips and extended vacations...

It opens up at the top...

And the trays extend outward...

The first top tray holds my dotting tools, straws, toothpicks, slightly used makeup sponges, cuticle remover, cuticle pusher, cuticle moisture pen, striping tape, a soda cap, and a mixing ball.

The first middle tray holds nail files, clippers, and buffers.

I chose a couple of nail art stickers, foils, and laser lace to travel with. I also keep striper brushes, clean up brushes, and a rubber band in the first bottom tray. I use the rubber band to wrap around the caps of difficult-to-open polishes... it helps with the grip!

The second top tray holds random packets of lotion, scrub, and nail polish remover wipes. I also keep nail tip guides, paper, a pen, business cards, and cuticle cream here. I keep paper and a pen in case I think of a manicure idea I want to try or if I'm playing with polish and I encounter something noteworthy.

The second middle tray holds all of my stamping plates and supplies.

The second bottom tray holds embellishments, flakies, bullion beads, lace strips, foil glue, and a holographic striper polish.

When both sets of trays are extended, there is room for larger items. Here I keep Konad polish, top coats, black and white polish, my water marbling dish, full sponges, painter's tape, cuticle oil, a full set of nail art brushes, and the polish I choose to travel with.

Not pictured is a Ziploc baggie where I keep cotton balls, q-tips, and folded up paper towels. I'd much rather apply polish over a paper towel than an uncovered table! It usually sits on top of all of the polish. I can also fit a full sized bottle of polish remover in the bottom section.

I haven't come across any problems with wishing I had a specific supply. This case has just about anything/everything I can think of :-)

Click here if you're interested in purchasing a Caboodles case like mine. I recommend browsing a physical Target store if you have one nearby, because I surely did not pay that much money for mine! I don't remember the exact price, but I'm fairly certain it was in the range of $20-$25. I've seen the same case at Walmart stores, as well (online, here)... note the alternate online pictures don't match and the reviews are much worse.

How do you travel with nail polish?

Until next time...


  1. Awesome case! I did a post on my manicure box, you should check it out! Its not as amazing as yours though!!

  2. Really awesome, where did you buy this one?

  3. LovelyMissMakeup... I like yours!

    Marcia... I purchased mine at Target (http://www.target.com/p/caboodles-black-pro-cosmetic-case-12-0/-/A-10963935). That link is the exact one I have, but it was *much* cheaper in the store! I've seen them at Walmart, too :-)

  4. I have one from Walmart, but it's smaller. Just two trays.
    Target will open here in my town, let's see if I get luck. Thanks for the info.


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