Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Have A Right Hand

Hi there!

When photographing my manicures, I often forget about my right hand. It felt left out, so today, it's making its first appearance...

My nails painted with China Glaze - Hyper Haute.
Stamped with Konad image plate M73.

I painted 2 coats of Hyper Haute and stamped with Konad's special black polish to achieve this look. I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite.

To anyone who photographs their manicures: I dare you to spotlight the hand you don't generally photograph in your next post :-)

Until next time...


  1. suuure do this dare when my index finger nail on my right hand is totally a nub!!! I will take this challenge but not for my next post, gotta wait for that nail to grow at least a LITTLE! :)

    I like your mani! :)

  2. i would - but right now, the middle finger on my right hand is a mess :( i had a stray piece of skin and it got caught on a blanket and still hurts and bleeds!

  3. It's really frustrating how different the paint jobs can look...but I think you mean 'spotlight your dominant hand'. xD

  4. haha, maybe next time my right hand will make an appearance :)

  5. One of these days I might but my right hand is in terrible shape now. I don't even like looking at the nails.

  6. My right hand makes occasion posts on my blog...sometimes it has a different design that the one I'm posting and I want to share it too!

  7. I usually post pictures of both of my hands, unless something turns out very very bad. :D

  8. Very haute =) I have photographed my right hand before, Let me tell you with my big camera it's a PITA =) LOL


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