Monday, August 17, 2015

How To: Candle Recovery

Hi there!

I had forgotten that I stored Christmas candles in one of the bottom drawers of my buffet table. Well... my kid found them. He's learning "put it back," but he doesn't fully understand the concept of "carefully..."

How to fix a candle.

Don't worry, he was not hurt!

I knew I wanted to save the candle somehow, so I froze it for a few hours and then dug out a hammer and bucket...

How to fix a candle.

I put a piece of newspaper over the candle before I tapped it twice with the hammer...

How to fix a candle.

I suppose I could have skipped the freezing step since I planned on hammering the glass anyway. Too late now :-) Freezing without hammering would work great if the glass hadn't been curved.

How to fix a candle.


How to fix a candle.

The lighting for my camera is simply atrocious, but I think it looks good in person!

If you try this and need to freeze your candle, I recommend letting the chunk of wax sit on a paper towel until it gets up to room temperature. If put immediately into the new container, a small bit of water will pool at the bottom and the candle will slip and slide.

Have you tried this before?

Until next time...

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