Sunday, November 18, 2012

OPI - Alpine Snow

Hi there!

I'm actually still wearing my Autumn Breeze manicure, believe it or not. I caught myself a nasty case of the flu and I haven't felt like changing my polish over the past week. It's now dwindled itself down to an annoying cough, so browsing unposted manicures wasn't unbearable...

My nails painted with OPI - Alpine Snow.

I painted 2 coats to achieve what's pictured. I typically wear this polish as a base for nail art, but it's also great by itself. If used as a base, I paint just 1 coat- it still applies opaque enough to provide a decent canvas for water marbling, sponging, splattering, etc.

What's your favorite white nail polish? I've tried so many, but my favorites have to be Alpine Snow and Julep's Brigitte.

Until next time...


  1. Beautiful! I love white polish but I often find it looks messy :( I really like this though. I have Alpine but not used it in forever.. I might have to dig it out! :)

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Healing thoughts to you from me. Pretty nails you had there! : )

  3. For an optic white I also like OPI's Alpine Snow - but a close second for me is whatever the classic white in China Glaze's a little more chalky looking on me than the OPI but it works. I have a # of other whites that are not optic white that I adore - esp Orly Au Champagne. Gads, so sorry you got the crude. That's not just a feel it coming, 1 day down, crawling back the next it sounds like. Glad you feel on the mend now. You need to drink your tea, hydrate with tons of water and all those good things and not try to hit back too hard.

  4. Hope you're feeling better! My fave white was Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Whirlwind White, but it's recently discontinued. Sadddd :(


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