Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zoya - Neeka

Hi there!

I forgot to post this earlier...

My nails painted with Zoya - Neeka.

I've been wearing Neeka for a couple of days now... it's great. The application was simple and I only needed to paint 1 thick coat for it to be opaque. I think the mixture of this particular shade of purple and gold flecks is rather unique. It's grabbed a lot of attention from the people I've encountered.

Do you own any of the shades from the Smoke and Mirrors collection? I'm trying to decide if I need more :-)

Until next time...


  1. Neeka is a adorable on you !!! But then again she looks good on most women lol

  2. I was wondering how long I'd have to wait to get a comment from ya ;p I'm pretty much in love with you... I mean, this color :)

  3. There is always room for more Zoya-I got 6 from this collection!

  4. This is the only color I have so far from the S&M collection and it is gorgeous...I do plan on getting a few more of the mirror colors.

  5. I have this one! Can't wait to use it! I ended up getting Jem, but it's SUCH a close color to Valerie, I now wish I didn't.

  6. It's gorgeous, I'm really digging purples right now.

  7. I love Neeka! She must have a foot fetish, because she was all over my toes for 3 weeks!


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